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Welcome to Partners in Restorative Initiatives!

Michelle Woodworth, our fabulous office manager, is seriously ill. If you would like to join those who are doing what we can to support Michelle and her family, please click here.

Partners in Restorative Initiatives brings restorative practices to the people of Western New York. Through the use of these powerful tools, we are building relationships, repairing harm and restoring communities.

Our founder, Will Bontrager, had a dream that restorative practices would be more widely known and practiced throughout the community. Will planted the seed and it has grown by leaps and bounds!

    We offer training in both formal and informal restorative practices, including Peace Circles, Community Conferences, Transition […]

    Every day, people harm people. Relationships are broken in ways that seem beyond repair. But restorative […]

    We guide. We teach. We advocate. We consult. In dozens of ways, we are here to […]

    PiRI needs volunteers who are committed to supporting our mission to build respectful relationships, repair harm […]

    Restorative practices are used effectively by victims, courts, schools, neighborhoods, families and organizations. Learn more about […]


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